1) Visitation/Community Outreach

Our church is committed to reach out to the lost and needy. Every second Saturday of each month at 2:30 pm, we have an Evangelism Training followed by Community Outreach at 3:30 pm. A visitation team leaves from the church office to do home visits for evangelism or discipleship. Several times during the year, events are organized that may involve door to door evangelistic outreaches or invitations to church events.

2) Bible Studies

Our church engages in an in-depth study of God’s Word, verse by verse, book by book. The setting is informal, conversational and interactional, where people can share their comments, concerns and questions. English Bible study meets every Wednesday at 7:00 pm in the church cafeteria.

3) Life Groups

Life groups are not available at this time. Personal one-on-one contact & discipleship relationships are fostered and supported.

4) Special Prayer Meetings

We come together the last Friday of each month at 8:30 pm in Spanish only for the purpose of prayer, intercession and worship. It involves a dedicated time of thanksgiving, testimonies, sharing of prayer needs and seeking God.

5) Sunday Worship Service

Sunday worship service is centered on the preaching of God’s Holy Word. It combines traditional up-lifting hymns with inspirational, contemporary songs. We seek to encounter God and one another through worship, prayer and the Scriptures. English Service starts at 10:00 am in the Sanctuary.

6) Sunday School

Sunday school is a time dedicated to the study and reflection of God’s Word in a systematic way. Adult English Sunday school starts at 9:00 am in the church cafeteria and English Sunday school for youth 15 years through college at 12:00 Noon in Room 207A.

7) Small Children Sunday School/Daycare

Children, infants through 7 years of age, will receive loving care and Biblical instruction by dedicated teachers and parents of our church. We strive and encourage our families to have their children 8 years of age and up, participate with them together in all the regular worship/learning and fellowship activities of the church.

Stewardship Ministry

This committee shall have the responsibility of assuring that the adopted budget is adhered to. It shall recommend financial policies to the church and shall foster and promote programs of stewardship. In consultation with the Church Council for the new church year, it shall draw up and submit to the church an annual budget during the month of October for the next calendar year. This committee shall be responsible for the annual audit of the treasurer's books. This committee shall be responsible for the counting and recording of all tithes and offerings of the church. Two (2) members of the counting committee must be present before the money can be counted.

Property and Grounds Ministry

This committee shall be responsible in matters to properties administration. Throughout the year, this committee shall give attention to and study the condition and state of repair and appearance of the building and grounds of the church and equipment therein, making arrangements for repairs and improvements authorized by the church and included in the church budget. All matters of major repairs, changes, improvements or items of equipment not included in the budget shall be referred to the Stewardship Committee for fiscal review. Purchase of equipment shall be through this committee unless another committee is directed specifically to make studies, report to the church, and make necessary arrangements as the church decides.

Missions Ministry

This committee shall be responsible for discovering possibilities for starting new congregations. If this occurs, this committee will work out a mutual agreement with the church mission congregation(s) as approved by the church. It shall seek also possibilities for local, state, national and international mission’s projects, share findings with church program organizations, and serve the church in establishing and conducting such mission’s projects. This committee shall lead the church in its involvement with the Baptist association, state convention, and other Southern Baptist Convention mission related ministries or programs that mutually benefit the church.

Music/Worship Ministry

This committee will plan and evaluate the music program of the church, in the formation of choirs in the church and planning special musical programs throughout the year. It is responsible for recommending people for the positions of pianist and organist or any musical instruments, song leader, and in assisting the pastor with special music in the regular and other services of the church. In the event that a music director is needed as a staff of the church, this committee will look for a qualified person to be recommended to this compensated position, which requires approval by the church.

Youth Ministry

This committee is responsible in planning and coordinating youth programs and activities inside and outside of the church. These activitiesare to be correlated with the activities of the church program organization in attaining objectives set forth by the church. An elected representative of the Youth Committee shall serve as a member of the Church Council.

Kitchen &Social and Events Ministry

This committee shall be responsible for all social and recreation/events activities of the church, formulating policies and supervising the services rendered to the church through the kitchen and promoting regular church functions to build the fellowship of the church. This committee shall have general supervision of the supplies, equipment, and use of the church kitchen suggesting to the church rules and regulations as they deem wise. It shall enforce policies necessary to properly maintain the kitchen in a clean, orderly, and acceptable condition. The Kitchen Committee shall work closely with the social and events committee to ensure proper coordination for all events.

Ushers Ministry

This committee shall assist the pastor in preparing for the two ordinances of the church.

  • The members of this committee shall be responsible for preparation of the candidates and the baptistery for the ordinance of baptism and for the cleanup of the same.
  • The members of this committee shall be responsible for the preparation of the elements for communion and cleanup the elements of the Lord's Supper. Ushers will open church doors and help people find seats if necessary, hand out church bulletins (service schedule) greet people, and help take up the offering. They will also be responsible for handing out new visitor’s card information.

Christian Education Ministry

This committee shall lead the church in developing and implementing an effective Education-training program. Foremost of these are:

  • Sunday School: The Sunday School shall be divided into classes and departments as it grows and conducted under the direction of a director for the study of God's Word. The tasks of the Sunday School shall be to teach the Bible; lead in reaching all prospects; lead all church members to worship, witness, learn, and minister daily; provide and interpret information regarding the work of the church and denomination.
  • Church/Discipleship Training: The discipleship program shall serve as the training organization arm of the church. Its tasks shall be to teach Christian doctrine, ethics, church policy and organization; train leaders for the church and denomination; provide for specialized training for special projects of ministry for the church; and to provide organization and leadership for special activities in the church.
  • This committee shall work with the Missions Education Ministry to develop programs for missions.

Evangelism Ministry

This committee is under the immediate leadership of the pastor. He forms a committee to develop and implement a strategy for effective programs of community evangelism. This committee is also responsible for planning training events, as well as the production or securing evangelistic printed materials to be used by the church. This committee shall work closely with the Education Committee to ensure follow-up and discipleship.

Personnel/Human Resources Ministry

This committee assists the pastor and the church in matters related to vocational staff and employed personnel administration. Its work includes such areas as determining staff needs, employment, salaries, benefits, personnel services disciplinary actions and terminations.

Benevolence Ministry

The Pastor shall be given authority to provide emergency resource assistance up to an established limit on a one-time basis. In the event that longer term assistance is required, this committee shall study the needs for assistance in the church membership and from outside persons requesting assistance, and shall respond, with the advice of the pastor, in an appropriate manner, requesting the help of other church members as necessary.

Nursery Ministry

This committee shall be in charge of the church nurseries, providing for nursery workers during the services and making sure that the nurseries are kept safe and useful. The chairperson of this committee shall be the Nursery Scheduling Coordinator.

Sound & Media Ministry

Purpose: Produce the best possible atmosphere for worship through sound reinforcement. This includes, but is not limited to, creating the best music mix possible, creating an audio mix that meets the mood the pastor/worship leader wants to convey, and supporting the audio needs of the people involved with the church service. Ultimately, glorify God through providing excellent audio services.

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